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For instance, you still have to decide how firm you want the dampers to be on the configurator, rather than by pressing a button on the dashboard.

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Why buy? Not an entirely flawless one, true enough. The car steers faithfully, with useful weight and plenty of feel. The higher the group, the higher the insurance will be for the vehicle. Visit your local Bristol Street Motors Renault dealership to try out the Renault Megane for yourself and see whats new! Find used. But forgivable?

You pick either the Sport or the more robust Cup chassis, or just go for the Trophy, which has the latter fitted whether you like it or not. The differences between the Cup setup - which also chucks a Torsen limited-slip differential into the deal - and the base car are bigger than ever, turning the RS into what might just be the most uncompromising hot hatch around right now.

As explained in our first drive review of the Trophy , the noisier exhaust, uplift in power and torque plus the new ball bearing turbo add the drama we found to be missing after trying out the RS for the first time.

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The 1. The bhp unit will get you from mph in 5.

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Cup Chassis pack including: limited slip differential, red brake calipers, stiffer springs, dampers and anti-roll bar. Leather and Alcantara steering wheel with R.S. Choose your New MEGANE R.S. New Renault MEGANE R.S. is an impressive car with wings extended by up to 60 mm, and special bumpers featuring a F1® style front blade at the front and a.

At the top end it runs out of puff at mph, 7mph shy of the Honda. The difference is, the Type R allows you to drive as hard as the Trophy while demanding less of you.

Renault Megane R.S.: what would you like to read next?

The fancy Dual Axis Strut front suspension layout, meanwhile, all but kills off torque steer. Particularly impressive given that the Type R has the power bragging rights here by 20bhp.

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On the move it does feel quicker, though, and more so than the modest power output might suggest. While the RS has a stiff, notchy bit in the middle of the change, the Type R lets you graciously slide between each cog with a swift, simple movement. The Type R may be tamer to drive, but to look at? Particularly when it results in something which looks, erm, challenging. Aesthetically, the Renault is more like it.

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A lot of it is down to the increase in width - the rear track has grown by 45mm and the front by a massive 65mm. Find great deals on eBay for renault megane rs and megane rs tapis. Brand New. Song of Myself By Walt Whitman Recently Used Rs Sold. Verdict Not as agile as the BRZ, but more comfortable, and has a better warranty.

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Renault Clio RS Trophy. Find great deals on eBay for renault megane rs and.

Hertz Adrenaline Collection. So it is with much excitement that we offer the Renault Megane R.

S Cup as part of out. You might need a moment to get your breath back. S Cup as part of. Find great deals on eBay for megane rs and megane rs