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My Account. Contact Us. Can I have my online order printed at a different Staples location than my preferred one? The pick up location can easily be changed. How can I change my default preferred Staples location? On the right side column, you will see your preferred store. How do I claim a coupon or promo code on your web site? Please note that if you are redeeming a product offer, you must first add the product to your cart before entering the associated coupon code. Note codes that contain 16 digits can only be applied once. Who can I contact if I have trouble claiming a coupon or promo code online?

If a coupon cannot be redeemed for any reason a message will appear on screen alerting you to the exact nature of the error. Please be sure to indicate your coupon number. A Staples associate will contact you within 24 to 48 business hours. Please note that we send out various offers, some of which may be limited in quantity or redeemable only in our retail stores. Can I claim promo codes in-store? Promo codes are only redeemable online at staplesprint. How do I pay for an order online?

When you place your order online, you will be prompted to submit payment by credit card. As a security measure, we request your CSC so we can verify that the credit card being used is in the physical possession of the person using it. Note: Enterprise cards do not offer this feature. The online payment page explains how to locate this information, based on your card type. What steps do you take to keep my credit card information safe?

Our encryption process protects all credit card and personal information during the submission process, ensuring that none of your information may be accessed in any way while it is being transmitted to us on the Internet.

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Once the transaction has been completed, we do not retain your credit card information. How will I know when my copies are ready to pick up? You will receive an automated e-mail indicating that your order is ready to pick up. How do I pick up my order?

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Simply present your printed invoice at the pick up location you selected when you placed your online order indicated on your invoice. How do I pick up my order if I do not have my invoice? If you are unable to access your account, you can have your invoice printed at your Staples pick up location. Please note that a valid photo ID must be presented. Can I send someone else to pick up my order?

Someone other than the person who paid for the order may pick it up as long as they present the printed invoice. What if I need to cancel my order? Orders not yet processed may be canceled by sending an email to the pick up location you selected. Who can I contact if I have trouble submitting an online order? Please be sure to include your online order number. Is there someone I can contact if I have a question about my order? Please be sure to include your order number in your inquiry. Is there another way to submit my online order? How do I make a feature suggestion? The information you submit will be delivered directly to the Staples Online product team.

Why is my preferred font no longer available? We are continuously making updates to our selection and although your font of choice may no longer be available, there is likely a similar font that will satisfy your needs. Staples reserves the right to change their font selection at any point in time. How long will it take to get my order and how much does shipping cost? Orders can be picked up from any Staples or shipped directly to your home or business.

Delivery times and shipping costs vary depending on the delivery option you choose and the shipping location. Please consult the chart below for more information. Standard turnaround Times Allow Business Days Monday-Friday for delivery or pick-up in store for all products, except for: Allow business days for pick-up in store on: Standard Document Printing. Allow business days for delivery or pick-up in store on: Photo gifts and canvas prints. Allow business days for pick-up in-store only on: Custom cheques and Forms. Delivery to Home or Office Turnaround time for standard shipping is business days Monday to Friday.

Express shipping is business days Monday-Friday. Foam core mounted products are pick-up in-store only. Turnaround times may vary by product and location. Same-Day Products Same-Day orders must be placed before noon local time to ensure same-day pick-up by 6pm. All orders placed after noon will be available for pick-up the next business day by 6pm. How is sales tax calculated? Staples has a business "presence" in each of the provinces or territories we ship to and is therefore required to charge sales tax based on the tax laws of that province or territory.

Pricing Policy Online prices may vary by geographic region. Will you deliver an order to my P. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to P. Are there any exclusions or exceptions for deliveries? Some exclusions may apply for deliveries to remote areas. In addition, circumstances beyond Staples control may affect delivery times.

How do I track my delivery order? My product arrived damaged. What do I do? When will my document s be ready?

Once your order is complete, on in store pick up orders, you will receive an email notifying you that your order is ready for pick up. Allow business days Monday-Friday, excluding holidays for pick-up in store. Express delivery service between business days and Standard delivery between business days is available for orders that are eligible. Same-Day orders must be placed before noon local time to ensure same-day pick-up by 6pm.

Foam core mounted products not eligible for delivery. This will take you to the document details page. Documents can no longer be permanently saved. The longest period of time a document can be saved is for one year. The first is to check the box beside the document name s you want to save and then click the SAVE button. Click the SAVE link in the right hand sidebar. How do I make changes to my document's finishing options? How do I add a new document to an existing document I have saved online?

In the right sidebar is the "Is this part of an existing document" section. Select the document you want your new document added too. Click the ADD button and your new document will be added to the end of your existing document.

You can then choose your document finishing options. Why do I have to check the copyright ownership box? We are not allowed to print copyrighted material without written consent.

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Why can't I see the preview of my document? If you are unable to see the preview of your document, you will need to do the following: In your browser menu, On your browser menu: 1. Click Tools 2. Click Internet Options 3. Click ADD 3. Click OK on the pop up 4. Click OK. This means you have chose a production option that is not available. How do I re-order a document that has previously been ordered? There are two ways you can re-order your document. This will take you to the Order Details page. How do I change my e-mail notifications settings?

What should I do? Check to see that the file has the. PDF extension. No price is displayed when I select my finishing options, what should I do? If you do not see a price, then you have selected production options that conflict with each other. As you select the panels, the resulting conflict will appear beneath the panel name.

Once you find the offending option, change or remove it and the price will display. Why do I have to place my Same Day order before pm?

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If I place my Same Day order after pm when can I pick up my order? If a Same Day order is placed after pm local time , the order will not be ready for pick up until the next business day. An order confirmation will be sent to your email address once your order is ready for pick up. Please note most Staples stores are closed on Statutory and Civic Holidays. It is recommended that you check with your local store for operating hours.

Please note most Staples stores are closed on Statutory and Civic Holidays and as a result same day pick up would not be available. It is recommended that you check with your local store for their operating hours. What are raised print business cards? Raised print [also called Thermography] is a process which raises the printed image above the sheet.

A plastic resin is applied to the ink, and then the product is passed through an oven which results in a printed product having a raised effect. What are UV Coated business cards? UV Coated business cards are a flat print business card that is coated with a laminate-like substance that effectively assures long lasting protection from debris, sunlight, oil and moisture.

They reflect light and make colours and patterns more rich and in-depth. They have a smoother and silkier finish than traditional uncoated cards. Which products can have a logo? Colour logos can be applied to all products with a full-colour option badges, nameplates, wall plates, and desk plates. Black and white images not greyscale give the best result for all stamps and engraved products engraved nameplates, engraved wall plates, engraved badges and engraved desk plates. Which file types are accepted for uploading images or logos?

How big can the image file be? Image files are limited to a maximum size of 5 MB. Where should I upload my image file? Once added to the library the image can be used on a variety of available products.

Select the product you wish to order. Select the image to upload and click OPEN. The image will be removed from the available list. How do I preview images that are already uploaded? To preview an image already uploaded, click the image name in your list of Current Images on File. How do I order items with images or logos?

If the product supports logos you will see two forms. The top form is without a logo, while the bottom form is with logos. Complete the form by selecting images from your library and the location at which they should appear on the product. At the moment items that support logos do not support live preview. If you feel that the form fields are insufficient please include comments in the Comments field to help guide production staff. I have specific instructions for my product, where should I outline them?

The Comments field is a place to add additional instructions that will be interpreted by the people producing your order.

Staples Print and Marketing Services Promo Codes & Coupons

During the production phase your comments will be evaluated and implemented. For example, I complete the online order form for a sign with 2 logos both of which are located in the top-left hand corner. When will my order be ready? All orders that do not require a proof will be ready for in store pick up or delivered within 7 business days. How long does it take to receive a proof? Requested proofs will be delivered within 2 business days of order submission please do not include the submission date.

What are the differences between Basic Security and Supreme Security cheques? All cheques have the following security features: Warning band Microprint border only visible under magnification Coloured background "Original Document" security screen on the back of each cheque Supreme Security cheques have the following additional features: Hologram Linemark Paper Toner fuse Coating Chemical Protection Coloured Fibers on the front of cheques only visible under black light and invisible when photocopied. Basic cheques are only available exactly as shown.

They offer specific background patterns and colours to choose from and are personalized in black ink only. With Design-Your-Own cheques you can design your own background. List your selected ink colours in the comments section when placing your order. See product description area of the Design-Your-Own cheque product number for a list of free additional options.

List your selected additional options in the comments section when placing your order. What is a PMS ink colour? It's a specific ink colour identified by a number. How many types of Manual cheques are there? One-to-a-page and Two-to-a-page. I already have a binder from the bank. Will these manual cheques fit my binder? Yes they will. Note: simply select the two-to-a-page or the one-to-a-page cheques according to the size of binder you presently have. Can I have 2 signature lines on my cheques? One signature line is the default. Simply request a second signature line and it will be added free of charge.

What bank information do I need to place an order of cheques? The name of the bank and the address The complete MICR number all digits of your account number The start number for the consecutive numbering. Can I order cheques without consecutive numbering? Can I add my company logo to the imprint?

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See formats available and simply attach a copy of your logo. What does "Parts" mean? If I need computer cheques, how do I know which cheques to order? The description of the laser cheque indicates what software program the cheque is compatible with. What do I do if I cannot find a computer cheque compatible with the software program I'm using? Click here. Can I order Continuous with tractor feed Computer cheques? Can I order a cheque with 3 ink colours?

Can I order a larger quantity than what is advertised? If I want to order envelopes, how to I know which envelope will fit my cheque? The description of the cheque will give the product number for the compatible envelope. How long does it take to process an order for cheques? Basic cheques with standard text take 3 business days plus shipping time to the store.

Basic cheques with the addition of a new company logo take 6 business days plus shipping time to the store. If a proof is required when a new logo is added, it will be provided in 3 business days. Once the proof is approved, the order will then take 3 business days to manufacture plus shipping time to the store. How long does it take to process a Design-Your-Own Order for cheques?

Proofs for Design-Your-Own orders take 5 business days. Once the proof is approved, the order will then take 10 business days plus shipping time to the store. What is a carbonless form? A form that is made from NCR paper manual forms with no carbons. The information transfers to the next part without the requirement of a carbon.

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