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Screenshots I would like to get them again. I would like to be added to your mailing list s. Click Here for More Amazon Posts. Click Here for More Kroger Deals.

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Click Here for More Freebies. Click Here for More Local Deals. Click Here for More Recipes. This post may contain affiliate links. How do you get krogers coupons in the mail. How did you manage to get so many free coupons?

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Do you have any idea? I also received four free kroger coupons, for bacon, eggs, yogurt, an pepperoni!!! Plus a bunch of coupons for other stuff :. It is supposed to be triggered by what you buy. I would like to be added to your mailing list thank you. I was receiving Kroger Coupons, they suddenly stopped, Trying to figure out what happened. Hello, how did you get the free Kroger coupons?

I would like to receive kroger paper coupons. I love this my mother in law used to work for Kroger and give these to us all the time. How often do you get the coupons by mail? Kroger sends them out about once a quarter. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I have been shopping there about once a week for probably about 5 months and have never received free coupons! I had someone steal all my fuel points of them over the holidays.

I got another card and used a phone number no one could ever guess. After getting the new card, I called Kroger and they moved all from the old one and generously gave me all points back.

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They were very nice. I do get coupon books too. They have not sent me any free items lately.

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It is a pain using those ecoupons and finding out they did not come off. Well it took about 2 wks for them to refund my money to my card. They need to change on how they manage ecoupons. I get the Kroger coupon pack about ever 3 months it seems. My coupons make sense to me and break down like this… We always get: Between free coupons for the items we buy the most. A few kroger brand coupons for the kroger version of items we buy a lot. I work at Kroger, and so I shop there pretty frequently. I cashiered a shift today and folks had tons of coupons for free items.

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You can also choose to not have a number associated with your account, so that the card must be scanned to get the discount. This means you have to be sure to have your card with you whenever you go to the store and also any time you go to fill up, though. There is a phone number on the back of the Kroger cards that will let you talk to customer service about fuel point issues and make sure that they have your mailing address correct as well.

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Therefore, I can tell when I am buying a sale item that also has a coupon associated with it. Trish says. Copyright - To offer a possible reason for the problem… My husband had a Kroger Plus account a couple of years ago, before I started couponing. They were very nice. They said that they send the list of names out to the source that handles that part only every so many months. January 28, at pm.

Last year I found that somebody used my gas points. To my surprise, when I called, the card I use was linked to about other cards even though I had an updated address and was using my own cell phone number. After asking a few questions, I realized that Kroger had linked my card to all the old roommates my husband and I had ever had during college and grad school.

The customer service rep claimed to have unlinked the card, but afterwards I stopped receiving coupons completely. I had never received coupons on my own account, but my husband had been receiving coupons. I suggest that Kroger needs to reexamine its practices regarding the mailers and fuel points…. I am so excited! So what is it? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Menu Skip to right header navigation Skip to primary navigation Skip to secondary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar.

Comments I too received a stack of good free item coupons: eggs, baby carrots, poptarts, crest toothpaste and a whole bunch of money off coupons! Free eggs, free turkey bacon, free froze veg, and a bunch of dollar off. Update: Got mine today and the same trusty free Cheerios coupon was included! I got mine yesterday—they included free carrots and free peanut butter! However I have not been able to use this Kroger app to order a click list since September because every time I try to it says that my debit card information is incorrect!

I think the click list addition was a great and convenient thing for us as working parents and in general to conveniently pick up groceries on the go. I have enjoyed shopping with the app for weekly curbside pickup for about a year now and loved it. The latest update makes it very hard to navigate the ordering process. I usually shop by scrolling through my recent purchases with an occasional search for something else. Now after a search my list of recent purchases has disappeared and I have to navigate the site to find it again.

And now, when searching for items tonight that I know you carry, the message popped up that the items could not be displayed.

After about three searches I got a message that my access to the site was denied. I closed my browser and the Kroger app, then reopened the app and clicked to go back to the order online site and guess what—my access is still denied.

Please fix this app!!! Edited to add I think the problems I am having are all due to everything being done in the app rather than going to Safari to order and complete purchases. Every time I go to the app it has logged me out and I have to log back in, which never happened before. So now the app is worthless to me and I will revert to going back to internet ordering, or change over to a nearby store HEB with a better curbside app.

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If you have a card and are not getting your Kroger coupons, you need to . help me out if I could receive some coupons in the mail thank you. I've been trying to get Kroger coupons (paper, not printable) sent to my receiving the coupons in the mail, and not I've been totally.